Age: 27 years old
Location: South Kensington
Weight: 75 kgs
Height: 5’11
Ethnicity: Austria
Build: Muscular
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Orientation: Bisexual
Set up: Bed / Massage table
Incall: YES
Outcall: YES

Meet Mason! Pro boxer, fitness enthusiast and instructor, and entrepreneur, Mason brings everything to the table! Chasing his passions from a very young age, Mason knows how to go after only the best in life and continues to carry that into his daily connections with others. He is well-rounded, engaging, and full of a warm personality that will have you thinking about your next massage long before the first is over! His drive and motivation make every moment spent with Mason invigorating!

Mason may be stunningly handsome, but it is his compassionate and caring nature that will strike you from the start. He is truly interested in seeing the people around him succeed and offers himself as a guide and a mentor to those who seek to propel themselves further in life. Mason is well-traveled, well-spoken, and always makes a great impression. Are you ready to BOOK this intriguing masseur o? Call today to book your Ultimate massage Experience with Mason!

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