Erotic Sports Massage

Our skilled male masseurs can sense your muscle tension just by touch. They can then take care of you by using the most effective technique. Sports massage can be for everyone (not just athletes) – it is a massage truly designed to take care of your body. Our masseurs will ease your over worked areas or concentrate on specific soreness or stiffness. You will feel like a new man at the end of the experience.
Whether you are a sportsman or an office worker – we can use light and deep stroking techniques on different areas of your body to increase blood flow and aid recovery.
This massage can be a great introductory massage or used regularly as part of your self-care routine. Our masseurs will answer any questions that you may have.
The massage can be performed nude or with whichever clothing on you prefer. This massage experience also works well when accompanied by a warm relaxing shower.
This massage is of course best performed nude and with a selection of oils or cream to heighten the pleasure.
Most of our clients describe this massage as providing a feeling of pure bliss with an unbelievable climax.


1 hour – £200
1.5 hours – £300
2 hours – £400